Yo Noobie (after Jon Sands)

Yo first year of teaching – pshhhh.
Yo curriculum – of course hip hop is educational.
Yo hip hop – stop embarrassing me!
Yo standardized tests – how you expect me to fit all this creativity in that there bubble?
Yo rubric – how many points for empathy?
Yo lesson plans – why won’t you cooperate?
Yo Race to the Top – your finish line looks different than mine.
Yo Macklemore – you make me want to like be myself forever.
Yo freshmen – stop staring at me like that.
Yo sophomores – you not THAT cool yet.
Yo dude in the supermarket who said teachers got it easy cuz we work till’ 3 and have summers off – check yourself.
Yo bags under my eyes – tell that dude in the supermarket that I’m in the business of hopes and dreams and when you’re on fire like this, sleep is hard to come by.
Yo future self: you look like a dude who I could totally grow into, if only I knew the right combination of laughter and sin.
Yo midnight jungle of insecurities – this machete got a dull blade and I can’t hack through all these faulty beliefs about myself.
Yo perfectionism – if you don’t leave me alone I might just do something crazy like accept that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.
Yo integrity – I prefer waking up alone with you still intact.
Yo poets – if sharing you’re pain helps just one person, it was worth the suffering.
Yo love – I don’t remember signing up for this.
Yo love – I’m allergic to everything except my daydreams of you.
Yo summer – I see you baby.
Yo swag – stop ruining everything.
Yo teenagers – this too shall pass.
Yo girl crying in the bathroom – he’s not worth it.
Yo boy who’s not worth it – here’s a copy of “Keep Ya Head Up” by Tupac.
Listen on repeat until your mother and sister appear like apparitions on the faces of every woman you see and you start spontaneously singing, “we all came from a woman, got our name from a woman and our game from a woman.”
Yo lasercat – the chupacabra called and said you aren’t real.
Yo G – stop making announcements in my dreams.
Yo June – you the sexiest month on the whole damn calendar.
Yo High Tech! This is Word Up!

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