Firefly: A Summertime Poem

that was the summer
our gardens grew wildly.
our flowers bent towards the coast
instead of the sun.
that star was a firefly
we kept in a glowing jar.
she was the one
who hired the moon
to be our magician.
it tried to trick us
but we laughed in its face
and blew a quiet kiss to its craters.
our tides pulled us together
and the wildflowers
bloomed on our tongues.

at the edge of the woods
there was a tree
with a trunk so big
it begged to be hugged.
so we did.
I peeled back its bark.
we touched our fingers
to the oak
and felt its seasons running through us.
a firefly burned inside me.
it was brighter than the sun
so I opened my mouth
to let the light out.
it hit her skin
and I saw that she was the wild one
I had been waiting for.

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