Hip Hop Education: An Interview w/ Dr. Pedro Noguera

As part of a series of interviews with scholars, teachers, and students about the intersections of hip hop, spoken word poetry, and urban education, we interviewed Dr. Pedro Noguera of New York University. Dr. Noguera is the Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education at New York University. He is a sociologist whose scholarship and research focuses on the ways in which schools are influenced by social and economic conditions, as well as by demographic trends in local, regional and global contexts. He is widely published and seen as an expert in the field of education. The interview was filmed, directed and produced by educator Brian Mooney and his students Jaelan Acosta and Edsel Engalla. Footage was provided by Jaelan Acosta, Edsel Engalla, and High Tech High School’s TV Pro students and teachers.


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