Never-Before-Seen Footage of Kendrick Lamar Speaking w/ Students in my Classroom

In honor of Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy awards and performance last night, I decided to release some never-before-seen footage of Kendrick speaking with students in my classroom.

Highlights include Kendrick talking about his first grade teacher encouraging him to be a writer after hearing him use the word “audacity” correctly in a sentence. He also tells us that if he wasn’t doing music, he’d probably be in school studying psychology.

Check out K-Dot talking about the jazz influences on To Pimp A Butterfly and listening to students rap and perform spoken word poetry before spitting some of his own bars in an epic cypher!

One comment

  1. Thank you for sharing this! What a wonderful experience for both you and the students. This is precisely what education should do – cause a positive impact in the students’ lives and therefore in their communities. I am sure that when your students go off to college they will see education and its importance in a completely different light than if they hadn’t had the chance to study this album as literature and meet Kendrick Lamar. Keep inspiring!

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