Brian Mooney is an educator, scholar, and poet from New Jersey. He explores the intersections of hip-hop, spoken word, literacy, and urban education. Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in English Education from New York University and is currently studying in a graduate program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

His research examines the identities of young writers who participate in high school poetry slams and considers the effects of hip-hop culture on teaching and learning. In 2013 and 2014, Brian was invited to present his work at the Preemptive Education Conference in New York City.

Brian is the founder of Word Up, a high school poetry slam that champions the voices of youth poets and MCs in Hudson County. The event has featured guest poets and teaching artists from across the country, including Andrea Gibson, Sarah Kay, Jon Sands, Angel Nafis, Shira Erlichman, Ken Arkind, and Rudy Francisco.

When he isn’t grading papers, Brian enjoys making electronic music, writing poems, and spending time with his wife and their cat, Tigger, who is the coolest.


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