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30 Days of American Schooling

This syllabus is now your God. Best learn how to genuflect. Everything is here in black and white. My expectations are clear. Don’t act like you weren’t told. I will make my PowerPoints available to you every evening so you can study from them and absorb all this knowledge like a sponge. You will grow […]

The Transcendental Gospel of Freddie Gray

When his spine snapped, Freddie Gray became kindling, became New England pond water. Without vertebrae intact, he was free to move beyond the confines of spine. The movement of his neck was one of inquiry, one of commas bent into question marks. Joining Thoreau, then, on Walden Pond, the only sound they both heard was […]

2/30 – The Last Straw (A List Poem)

2/30 – Prompt: Write a list poem (aka catalogue verse) where every line answers the question: What was the last straw?(from Rachel McKibbens WRITING EXERCISE #104) The last straw was my best friend sleeping with my girlfriend the old pipes and cobwebs on mom’s basement ceiling the photograph of dad I resembled too much the Xanax that […]

Invitation to the Met, in the voice of Maxine Greene

Dear New York City student, You are cordially invited to join us for an evening of intertextual exploration at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located at 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028. Please do not leave your identity on the downtown A train. Bring it with you (you will need it). There is no […]

10 Responses to “No Homo”

1. Don’t worry bruh – here’s a manly fist bump to cancel out that semi-emotional moment we just shared. It should eradicate any hint of intimacy or human connection that you have confused with butt-sex. 2. Anything else but THAT be cool. It’s never “no rapist” or “no woman-beater,” but instead the scariest, most destructive […]