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  1. Brian,

    We recently watched the video of Kendrick coming to visit your class. We would love to introduce you to Rhymeo, a freestyle rap app tool that challenges individuals and their ability to do their best freestyle up to 40 seconds. Rhymeo is a tool that can be used for poets, emcees, or musicians to connect words with images.

    We hope to hear back from you soon and discuss more about opportunities where we can collaborate on using Rhymeo.


    Josh Jacobs

  2. Kimberly D Payton · · Reply

    Can you share your lesson plan for teaching To Pimp a Butterfly? I’d like to use it with my avian American Studies class. Thanks.

  3. Bj Biggs · · Reply

    Hello Brian, I think it’s great how you used hip hop to teach literature. I have watched video several times over the last year. I was wondering could you share your lesson plan i would like to start a hip hop lit class in my school.

  4. Brian,

    How can we get you down to Miami for a lesson or two, a visit to the @pathtohiphop incubator on Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus, and then get you to Wynnwood for some amazing art?

    My name is Jason Crespo. I am a 15 year veteran teacher, and currently running the NeoGriot Lounge at Homestead Senior High School. I also founded @paperstaxproject to inspire self-actulization through journaling by donating notebooks and curriculum to organization’s working with the community–especially in the arts.

    Holler at me about coming through. It could be huge.


  5. In the great spirit of Hip-Hop and Education, I am glad to announce Lyrical Math Part 2 is now available for Pre-Order. Album Release Date: 4/18/18! We are excited about this new shift in education and look forward to reaching as many educators, hip-hop fans, students and community leaders as possible! Please check us out at and be in touch!

  6. Hello, Brian. MISTER Mooney. *curtseys*
    I just watched the video of Kendrick Lamar in your classroom and I am so incredibly impressed by your work and your students’ work, I am… lost for words. Bad timing :-/
    I teach English to French teenagers and love hip-hop. Obviously, their English proficiency is a handicap when it comes to actually writing and rapping (also, cultural problem of having only two options for expression: perfection or silence!), but when we take the time and work the texts and go through the palimpsests that some of those lyrics are, they get it and they like it.
    I was really blown away by what you have achieved. Bravo! (Oh, to be a fly on the wall…!)
    You might enjoy the work of Akala and the Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company. Akala did a TED talk on the similarities between Shakespeare and hip-hop.

    He also visits schools, but my public school in rural Gascony (D’Artagnan country) can’t afford him.
    I’ll stop gushing now. (OMG!!!) Hooray for teachers!

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