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Race, White Privilege & Fruitvale Station

I had a feeling that Fruitvale Station was going to disturb me, but I felt obligated to see it. The film opens with what appears to be cell-phone video footage of the incident where a young, unarmed Oscar Grant was shot in the back by police at a train station in the Bay Area during […]

90 Days of American Schooling

1. This syllabus is now your God. Best learn how to genuflect. 2. Everything is here in black and white. My expectations are clear. Don’t act like you weren’t told. 3. You see my late policy. You see our classroom norms. Don’t act like you don’t know, because now you know. 4. This is a […]

Teaching to Heal

Teachers need to live with integrity because we are more than just content instructors. In many ways, we are spiritual guides. I don’t mean gurus or religious mentors. We should be teachers of spiritual principles – the same universal principles found in all the great works of literature. There is nothing more important. Many students, […]