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Hip Hop Education: An Interview w/ Dr. Chris Emdin

As part of a forthcoming series of interviews on the intersections of hip hop, spoken word, and education – one of my students traveled with me to Teachers College, Columbia University, where we interviewed Dr. Chris Emdin.

Where I’m From

I’m from lean-in-while-you-eat and tidy-up and get-down-let-ye! I’m from table saws and tape measures, from concrete dust and splinters embedded in my father’s calloused hands. I’m from money today and none tomorrow, from don’t-be-around-while-he’s-paying-the-bills. I’m from Hot 97 and K-Rock from NJ Transit and mega malls. I’m from little league playgrounds and super wedgies, from […]


His name tells of how it was with him. he seemed to be very, very confused. We were afraid that his Irish would be lost, that he would start breakdancing at family reunions while his uncles played the fiddle and his cousins stepped the jig or that he might tilt his hat so far sideways […]