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Race, White Privilege & Fruitvale Station

I had a feeling that Fruitvale Station was going to disturb me, but I felt obligated to see it. The film opens with what appears to be cell-phone video footage of the incident where a young, unarmed Oscar Grant was shot in the back by police at a train station in the Bay Area during […]


a spider spun a web inside my dream catcher and now no dreams at all get through. my slumber is an empty canvas but I leave the web and the spider and its new home sitting safely laced between my dreams. then one October night like a gust of autumn air you passed through the […]

Firefly: A Summertime Poem

that was the summer our gardens grew wildly. our flowers bent towards the coast instead of the sun. that star was a firefly we kept in a glowing jar. she was the one who hired the moon to be our magician. it tried to trick us but we laughed in its face and blew a […]

Teaching to Heal

Teachers need to live with integrity because we are more than just content instructors. In many ways, we are spiritual guides. I don’t mean gurus or religious mentors. We should be teachers of spiritual principles – the same universal principles found in all the great works of literature. There is nothing more important. Many students, […]