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If I was given three minutes of airtime on Super Bowl Sunday, I’d spit a spoken word poem that goes something like this:

America, you are in need of guardian angels! Did you know that angel’s cast spells? You should know that because you never know when you might need protection from the unseen – like all of the subliminal destruction broadcast over these airwaves on the daily. Like right now, if this poem wasn’t permeating your consciousness, […]

16 Days of American Schooling

1. This syllabus is now your God. Don’t act like you weren’t told. Everything is here in black and white. My expectations are clear. You will sign this. Your parents will sign this. You see my late policy. You see our classroom norms. Don’t act like you don’t know, because now you know. 2. I […]


His name tells of how it was with him. he seemed to be very, very confused. We were afraid that his Irish would be lost, that he would start breakdancing at family reunions while his uncles played the fiddle and his cousins stepped the jig or that he might tilt his hat so far sideways […]

This is Just to Say (Remix)

This is Just to Say I have not cleaned out Tigger’s litter box because he’s not my cat and I’m allergic. You were probably hoping I did while you were away at that wedding in Boston. forgive me, because now it probably smells.   This is Just to Say I have eaten your Mint Milanos […]

Wide Awake (after Maxine Greene)

While the world sleeps you will not even sense a shadow or a shape taking form on the brick outside your window. You will not sense the sharp angles of  letters that spell names too colorful to be silenced in a city with this much voice. You will not name the hand of the Creator, […]