Monthly Archives: June 2013


a spider spun a web inside my dream catcher and now no dreams at all get through. my slumber is an empty canvas but I leave the web and the spider and its new home sitting safely laced between my dreams. then one October night like a gust of autumn air you passed through the […]

Firefly: A Summertime Poem

that was the summer our gardens grew wildly. our flowers bent towards the coast instead of the sun. that star was a firefly we kept in a glowing jar. she was the one who hired the moon to be our magician. it tried to trick us but we laughed in its face and blew a […]


there are airplanes landing in my palms. they taxi up my wrists and then my arms. I peek inside the tiny windows and every passenger is you. across my chest is a big sign that says ‘arrivals’. when you touch down I will run through every terminal, every dark runway inside me to meet you […]

Novena: A Persona Poem

Novena Just once, hold me between your fingertips when you don’t need something. Pass over me and say my name on your way to salvation. Feel the worn wood of my wounds, the heavy broken dreams and dead names that have passed through me. Let my insatiable thirst for tragedy fill your mouth and throat […]

Letter to My Future Self

Show me how this goes. Nothing seems to fit right these days. You are a decent looking house but I’m still buried under all this rubble and it’s starting to affect my breathing. There are layers of this onion that don’t want to be peeled. My ego real sensitive and he don’t like knives. I […]